The objective of the South Western Twelve Bell Striking Competition is to promote excellent ringing on twelve bells within the South West of England. The Competition shall be held annually, and the winning band shall be awarded the Higby Trophy.

Entry qualifications


Applications shall be invited from centres within the South West of England at which twelve bell ringing is organised and practised. For the purposes of the competition, the South West of England shall be defined as the counties of Gloucestershire, Bristol, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, as well as the Isles of Scilly.


Each member of a team must, at the time that entries are submitted, have current and regular association with the centre they represent.


A confirmed band list must be provided to nominated stewards two weeks before the competition, with amendments due to extreme circumstances to be permitted e.g. illness. A ringer may ring for 2 bands but not for the same society. No more than 50% of ringers in any band may ring wholly for another band. No person ringing in more than one band shall ring the same bell for the second band. Societies may enter two bands but only if the limit of 10 bands has not been reached. If the limit has been reached no society may enter more than one band. Places for additional bands will be awarded by ballot.

Procedures and guidance


The organisers will publish detailed procedures and guidance on the administration of the competition, and will make these available to each team. These will specify arrangements for draws at competition venues, timing, stewarding, and emergency procedures.